Welcome to Become a Life Artisan!

Personal Mandala drawn with gel pens drawn by Keiko, Life Artisan

Have you ever wondered why you are living your life you are living? Have you ever asked yourself or the Universe what your passions are?

The Intention:

The biggest intention of this site is to help people who would love to get out of their comfort zones, create their most fulfilled lives with their true gifts fully implemented, and start living more love and joy based lives as a life artisan.

To live a life you want successfully, it is essential to understand and be free from your emotional, mental, and behavioral patterns as much as possible. I share my own experiences, tips, and lessons that I learned through my own healing practice, art, and spiritual practice on the Blog page.

What I offer:

I offer private sessions as a spiritual coach to help you realize what is holding you back from living your heart desired life and release it.   Also, I create personal mandalas that show your soul signatures and guided meditations with my hand-drawn mandala art to support your sacred self-discovery journey.  Check out the Keiko’s Sacred Mandala page for my mandala art.