The Sacred Method That Deepens Your Spiritual Growth- Tao of Mandala

“The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the Self. This circular image represents the wholeness of the psychic ground or, to put it in mythic terms, the divinity incarnates in man.” – Carl G. Jung

You’ve read countless books about spirituality, personal development, and healing.

You’ve been diligently following the teachings of spiritual teachers for a long time.

You have so much knowledge about the divine love, the Universe, the Law of Attraction, etc.

You enjoy the conversation with people who are also enthusiastic about spirituality from the bottom of your heart.

You sometimes give your friends and family some spiritual advice.  They truly appreciate it which makes you feel content, and yet, you sometimes wonder,

“Am I doing it right?”

“Why am I still feeling stuck?”

“Why do I still keep falling into the same pattern?”

Do I sound like I’m reading your mind?  I’m not.  This was me for a long time.

Until recently, I was just soaking my feet in the ocean of the spirituality.  I realized that I needed to dive in fully if I wanted to live my spirituality as my true-self.

So let’s dive in.

Meditation and Mandalas

I talked about the benefits of meditation in my last post (The Simplest Way to Live as Your True-Self), here is the recap:


1. meditation balances your nervous system.

2. it calms the blood pressure.

3. it regulates the digestive system and relaxes your whole body.


you feel happier and start to have a healthy emotional boundary.


you get more clarity, focus, and productivity.

Also, I introduced mandalas as the powerful tool for your meditation practice in the same post.

Here are the benefits:

1. A circle or symmetrical geometric designs can calm your brain waves and nervous systems.

2. Looking at a mandala enhances all the benefits of meditation.

3. It leads you easily to the higher frequency of love rather than the lower frequency of fear.

4. It deepens your self-inquiry.

Now, I would like to dig a little deeper on both meditation and mandalas in this post.

Real, Deep Meditation Practice

There are different styles of meditation.  Type in the word “meditation” in the search box on YouTube, you will find hundreds of videos of guided meditations, meditations with special sound effects, and so on.

They are all useful, and some of them are very powerful.  I have both used them and uploaded guided meditations with my hand-drawn mandalas on YouTube (“Quan Yin’s Healing meditation,” “Forgiveness meditation,” and “Abundance meditation”) as well.

However, just recently, I noticed that my mind was getting busier during a guided meditation once I got used to it.

So, I decided just to sit still without any guidance, music or sound effects.  I started to listen deeply to myself for 20 minutes every morning and every evening.

Then, I started to feel more connected to myself, the surroundings, the Mother Earth and the Universe!

I notice every old emotion that is ready to be released.  I notice every memory and experience that needs to be embraced.  And I can feel and hear the guidance of my true-self.

So, here is what I believe now.

If you want to solve specific patterns like a financial issue or a relationship issue, guided meditations are useful.  It is like receiving a great healing session.

If you want to connect more to your true-self, you need time to be with you.  You need to listen deeply to your wholeness. Allow every level of you to relax in your divinity by sitting quietly in stillness for 20 minutes every morning.  Set your day with the Universe and Mother Earth.  For another 20 minutes every evening, sit still to cleanse your day like you take a shower before you go to bed.

I really recommend this deep meditation practice if you want to trust yourself more, accept yourself more and love yourself more.

Tao of Mandala

As you could see in the quote at the top by the Swiss psychotherapist, Carl G. Jung, he not only used mandalas for his work with his clients but also drew them for his own personal development.

I’ve been drawing mandalas for several years now.  Each mandala helped me dig deeper within me.  They reminded me of the importance of living as the expanded consciousness, NOT the small me.  They also led me to the inner stillness.

I call these brilliant effects Tao of Mandala.

Here are the benefits that I have found in drawing mandalas:

1. it calms you.

When I draw, I use a technique called stippling (drawing with dots).  Though it requires a lot of patience, it also leads you to deep meditative space.

2. it helps you to listen more deeply to yourself.

To create any artwork, you explore inside you to find what you want to express.

3. it helps you to learn to trust your instinct (your true self).

Your instinct tells you what designs or what colors to use.

4. it helps you to connect you to your own divine creation.

Like Jung said, a mandala is an art that expresses your wholeness or your divinity.  To draw your mandala, you naturally connect to your own divine creation.

5. it helps you to learn how to tune into the higher vibration of energy.

This happens to me when I draw healing energy into a mandala such as “Quan Yin’s Healing Energy.”  I tuned into her healing energy and became a facilitator for it while I was drawing it.

6. it helps you to learn how to hold space for your or someone’s wholeness.

By drawing mandalas, you learn to tune into your expanded consciousness.  From there, you can hold space for your or someone’s wholeness.  Then, you start to see yourself, everyone and everything through your divine eyes.  I will write a little more about this point in the next chapter.

Inner Life Mandalas

I draw two types of mandalas: healing mandalas and personal (customized) mandalas.

Healing mandalas are the ones expressing the higher healing vibration such as “Awakening” below.  When you meditate with them, the energy of the mandalas helps you accelerate the inner work you are working on and heal from within.

a mandala titled "Awakening"


I call the other type of mandalas – personal mandalas – Inner Life Mandalas.

The process of creating one goes like this:

1. I have an interview with the customer and build trust by going over his/her goals and intentions for the mandala.

2. I meditate on the wholeness of the person and tune into the deepest quality of his/hers.  Then, those qualities come to me as designs and colors.

3. I start drawing.

By doing these, I get to see, sense and know the person for the way they are through his/her beautiful, precious essence.  Even though the 15-minute interview is the only time I spent with the person, I always feel like I’ve known him/her for a long, long time.  I believe that sensation is true.  I think I’m in the zone of ONENESS during the creation.

The Experiences of Drawing My Own

After I drew a few Inner Life Mandalas for some customers, I drew my own.

Personal Mandala drawn with gel pens

My Inner Life Mandala

Usually, I feel awed by the powerful, beautiful energy of the person’s essence, but that didn’t happen while I was drawing mine.  To tell you the truth, I felt a little disappointed.

However, an interesting thing happened to me when I put my Inner Life Mandala under the massage table during my Craniosacral therapy session.

As soon as the session started, my practitioner, who is my craniosacral therapy mentor, said,

“Wow, this is so powerful!”

I started to feel my whole body trembling slightly, especially along the spine.  It felt like a high vibration of energy was adjusting the core of my body.

Then, the relaxing, and yet, powerful energy expanded into my whole body and into my whole energy field.  I felt so relaxed that my consciousness also went into a deep meditative state.

After the session, my mentor told me that the energy of my Inner Life Mandala was alchemically adjusting my whole system.  That was exactly what I was feeling.

Since then, my whole life shifted.  I’ve had so many revelations of old emotional, mental, and behavioral patterns.  I got to embrace them and let them go.  I quit the part time job that was just for paying the bills.  Then, I started my blog and mandala business to live my heart desired life fully.

I’m still on the way to my final goal, and I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the challenges I face.  When that happens, I rest my body and brain and meditate with my Inner Life Mandala to adjust my course.

Inner Life Mandala is a great reminder of who you truly are and an awesome guide for your life path.

(I’m having an Inner Life Mandala campaign right now.  For details, please check this page.)

To Conclude,

The busier our life gets, the more important it becomes to have a quality time with yourself.  The real, deep meditation is perfect for it.  It helps us more grounded, become good listeners to other people and ourselves, and act from the love based decisions, NOT fear based decisions.

Mandala is a great tool to deepen your meditation practice.  By drawing them, you start to know who you truly are better and better.  By meditating with them, they deepen your meditation practice, guide you to your deepest quality, and help you create your life you want.

Over to you:-

What are your experiences with your meditation practice?  Do you have other techniques that deepen your meditation practice?  Please share your insights in the comment section.

The Simplest Way to Live as Your True-Self

~ What Meditation and Mandalas Can Offer Us ~

mandala meditation to connect to your true-self

As soon as you wake up in the morning, your mind starts to go through your to-do list of the day.

You force yourself out of your bed, drink a strong cup of coffee and go to work.

You get frustrated during the commute, get stressed out at work and come home exhausted, but still, you have emails to take care of.  By the time you finish with emails, it’s already your bedtime.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Do you ever feel like the fast-paced life is sucking your energy out so intensely that you don’t even know why you are working so hard every day anymore?  Do you ever wonder where you are going with your life?

It doesn’t have to be that way if you know the simplest method to get in touch with who you truly are and practice it daily.

The Simplest Way is Meditation.

If you go online and do some research about ways to help you stay healthy, to boost your energy up and fight against stress, you would find so many solutions such as supplements, healthy diet, workouts, etc.

All of them are important.  I believe we all should use some of the solutions that fit us perfectly in a balanced way.

However, to find THE meaning of your life and live that life fully, you have to do better than that.  The simplest and the most important way that can change you from the core is meditation – the real, deep meditation.

What Happened to Me When I Stopped Meditating.

I’ve been meditating regularly for years.  Well, sometimes I get lazy and skip a few weeks, but I always come back to this practice.

Last month, that lazy moment happened, and that made me realize the differences between  when I meditate and when I don’t.

The first thing I noticed was that I got easily wound up emotionally.  Tiny things triggered my anger switch, and I saw irritation in every direction I face.  Also, I noticed that I was picking up people’s emotions and mood more than usual.  You can imagine what I was like when I was driving, right?

That irritation and frustration made my mentality prone to fear based thinking.  I became impatient and short-sighted.  When things didn’t go as I was expecting, I loaded more temporary solutions to myself and made my day busier and busier.

Also, I had fewer appointments with my clients (I am a craniosacral therapist).  That’s actually understandable.  If your bodyworker is not in a good condition on every level, you wouldn’t want to receive a session from him or her, right?  Your mood and condition travel around beyond your imagination after all.

I don’t drink or smoke.  I eat healthy and balanced diet, sleep well and work out regularly.  Still, these things happened to me.

The Benefits of Meditation

Then, what are the benefits of meditation?  How can meditation improve your life?


1. it balances your nervous system.

The stressful life activates your fight or flight system easily.  When it’s on, the sympathetic nervous system becomes more active, and the parasympathetic nervous system becomes less active.  Meditation balances those nervous systems and calms your whole body down.

2. it calms the blood pressure.

Once the nervous systems calm, the blood pressure also becomes calm.

3. it regulates the digestive system.

Same as 2, once the para-sympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of our organ function, is more active, the digestive system gets regulated.  So do the respiratory and reproductive systems.


Since the whole body relaxes deeply when meditate, you feel happier and more blessed.  Also, you start to have a healthy emotional boundary and get affected less by other people’s negative emotions.


You get more clarity on your thoughts and ideas.  Because of that, solutions to your problems come to you faster, your ability to focus improves, and your productivity increases.  You might even feel like you have more time available.

You might think, “I know all that, but I’m not good at sitting still.”

Well, there is a powerful tool to help you meditate.

The Powerful Tool to Calm Your Nervous Systems and Brain Waves and Lead You to a Deep Meditation

There are a few ways that can lead you to a deep meditation such as mantras and chantings.  They are great tools, and I love them, but my favorite tool is Mandala.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for “circle,” “the Universe or Cosmo,” and “wholeness.”  Tibetan Buddhism monks draw mandalas with colored sand as a part of their training.

Tibetan Buddhism monks drawing a sand mandala

The study shows that a circle or symmetrical geometric designs can calm your brain waves and nervous systems.  Some medical facilities decorate their patient rooms with mandalas.  The deep relaxation can improve their self-healing ability.

Looking at a mandala enhances all the benefits of meditation.

Also, it leads you easily to the higher frequency of love rather than the lower frequency of fear.

Churches usually have round stained glasses, right?  How do you feel when you go into a church with a beautiful round stained glass.  You probably feel serene and sacred stillness.  That’s because sacred geometry is used in not only the stained glasses but also the building itself.  The same thing goes with temples and shrines.

Just by looking at a mandala, you get so many benefits.  Then, what about if you draw one?

Benefits of Drawing a Mandala

A Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Carl Jung (1875 – 1961), used mandalas when he worked with his patients.  Also, he drew mandalas for his own self-development.

He said, “My mandalas were cryptograms… in which I saw the self – that is my whole being – actively at work.”

Also, he said, “A mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self.”

I totally agree with him.  I’ve been drawing mandalas for a few years.  Here is how I draw one:

First, I meditate and check in with myself to see what in my life needs my attentions and healing.  If I’m working on forgiveness at the time, the title of the mandala would be “Forgiveness.”

Then, I meditate a little more to feel the energy of true forgiveness.  Even though I don’t get any images or ideas, I just start drawing.

As I draw a big circle and some lines, one or two main shapes or designs usually come to me.  So, I draw them in a big circle and then fill in space.

When I color, I use a technique called “Stippling” meaning “drawing with dots” with gel pens.  To me, each dot is a spec of energy.

Though it requires focus, patience and precision, it is also very meditative.

Also, I feel the energy of the theme filling up my whole body and healing me.  It is a very amazing sensation, and at the same time, it humbles me as well.

Usually, it takes a few days to complete a mandala.  During that time, I have many revelations and realizations related to the theme.  Sometimes they happen as emotional roller coasters, and sometimes as epiphanies.

Once it’s done, I meditate with the mandala until I release or heal the old patterns that don’t serve me anymore.

To Conclude:-

To have a more peaceful and content life or to live your fulfilled life, it is essential that you release the old emotional patterns or belief systems.

Otherwise, you feel stuck in the repetitive life without much excitement, happiness or freedom.

Understanding your patterns, releasing and healing yourself connect you to your essence, your gifts, and your divinity.

Once you connect yourself to that core essence, you start to attract opportunities, abundance, wisdom, great relationships and all the support you need.

I invite you to make a new meditation routine today.  20 minutes right after you wake up to prepare yourself for the day, and 20 minutes before you go to bed to cleanse your system and your day.

Keep that routine for at least 21 days and see how you feel and what difference you notice.

If you’ve never meditated before, or if you need some guidance, I have some guided meditation videos.  One is “Spiritual Heart Meditation” which helps you connect to your heart center.  If you look at the right side of this article, there is a space that you put your email in so you can have the link to download it.

Also, I have “Forgiveness Meditation” and “Quan Yin’s Healing Meditation” videos available on YouTube.

So, enjoy!

Over to you:-

What are your experiences with meditation?  What did you think about my guided meditations with mandalas?  Please feel free to share your experiences and give me feedback in the comment section.

The Power of Intentions and Commitment

~How to Align Yourself with Your Heart Desire~

unclear intentions like path and light covered in fog

“Powerful words come with powerful intent. Where you have passion, strength, courage, and determination you can accomplish anything.” – K.L. Toth

“This is exactly what I want to do!”

You probably have had that very powerful moment at least once in your life, right?  

Are you doing that thing you wanted to do right now?  

Or, are you on the way to that goal?  

Or, are you wondering where to begin?

Or, is the mini-you with pointy ears and a pointy tail on your shoulder trying to persuade you to give that dream up?

Luckily, I not only had that powerful eye-opening moment but also was able to manifest the dream with the power of intentions and commitment.  

Yes, intentions are very powerful, and when the intentions are followed by your full commitment, your life can be transformed tremendously.

… and yes, it’s not easy, but it can be fun once you grab the wave of momentum.

Here is how one of my biggest transitions happened.

How My Transition Started – Intention

Trip to Grand Teton National Park to seek clarity on my intentions

In 1998, I was living in Japan and teaching kids English at my apartment while I was doing a part time job.  I could make enough money to make a living, had good friends to hang out with, and was pursuing my spiritual path.  I was content… almost, but not fully.

The fog-like thought that I was missing something very important in my life was always at the back of my mind, and the need to find it was growing bigger and bigger.  

Since I met my spiritual teacher in the US, I had a vague idea that I wanted to move there and pursue my spiritual path, but it was so vague and big, almost out of reach, that I had no idea where to start.

So, I sold my car to make traveling fee and flew from Japan to the United States to visit Grand Teton National Park hoping that I would figure out what I was missing and find the first step.

Grand Teton was an amazing place.  As soon as I saw the mountain, I felt the strong, powerful energy which made me sure that I was called to come here for the answer I was seeking.

I enjoyed every view, trail, and activity.  One morning, when I was talking to the man at the visitor information desk, he asked me where I was from.  So, I replied, “Oh, I’m from Japan.  I’m having so much fun here that I would love to move to this country.”

Then, the guy said, “Then, you can teach Japanese in town during winter and work for the park during summer.”  That hit me like tons of bricks.  Though teaching Japanese wasn’t what I wanted to do, what he said was so true.  If I wanted to do something, there were so many ways to make it happen.  The biggest challenge was to find the way that aligned with my heart.

I realized that the size of my dream was so big that I was just overwhelmed by it.  I was just looking at the size of the mountain of my dream and forgot to look for the perfect path to the summit.

He gave me the entrance to the perfect path and a big push on my back.  At that moment, I set a clear intention that I would move to the States and started to look for my heart desiring way.

The Total Lifestyle Change – Commitment

After the trip, I moved back to my parents’ house and got a full-time job to save money to move to the States.  Also, since I was interested in healing, I started to learn some healing modality on weekends.

The job I got was great and gave me good salaries and valuable business experiences including brushing up my English skills.  I was completely sure that this total lifestyle change went successfully, but I was still looking for THE way to move to the States.

At the first summer vacation I had, I visited my friend in California.  She was so thoughtful that she made an appointment for a craniosacral therapy session for me to heal the jet lag.

The session was unbelievably incredible!  My jet lag was completely gone, and not only that, my heart was fully open, and I was able to feel the love pouring out after the session.  That was a true calling.

I decided to learn the therapy in the States.  One year after I took the trip to Grand Teton to find my important piece in my life, I finally found the specific goal.  Since I already changed my lifestyle completely, the only thing I needed to figure out was how to get a visa.

The answer came to me very easily.  The internet!  I searched online how to get a green card and found that the US had a green card lottery once a year.  I applied for it right away.

Enjoy the process.

Since everything I could think of was in place, all I had to do was to wait, but just waiting would have been boring, so I decided to make the time useful and fun by doing these three things:

  1. Taking English classes.
  1. Working with the relationship with my parents so there wouldn’t be no attachments between us when I would leave for the US.
  1. Taking flamenco lessons for pure fun!

All those three things went great, especially, the flamenco lessons!  Taking a dance lesson was one of my dreams from my childhood.  I got to make friends with the people who were passionate about living their lives fully and happily.  It was so much fun that waiting for the lottery result didn’t bother me at all.

That happiness and content in me from the flamenco lessons also helped me improve the relationship with my parents.  They loved coming to see me at the flamenco recitals and loved how I was enjoying my life, and I was simply able to appreciate their love without any stories from the past.

I believe happiness is infectious.  Happiness can raise the vibration around you and your loved ones.  Having joy in your life is essential if you want to live your dream life.

Once I Became Ready for the Transition…

A woman in joy of success after her commitment standing on a rock at sunset

At this point, you must be wondering about the result of the green card lottery that I applied for.  I didn’t win it on the first try, but I applied for it again the following year and won!  I still remember how excited I felt while I was walking to the mailbox on the day the result was supposed to be mailed.  Somehow, I knew I won even before I got to the mailbox!

After you win the green card lottery, you need to prepare all kinds of documents like medical, financial and no-criminal records for the actual application.  Then, you take an interview at the American Embassy after your records check out.

The whole procedure took me another 10 months till I finished the interview and received the temporary green card, and that 10 months helped me prepare myself financially.  Once everything became ready, I told my boss to leave the company with tons of gratitude, trained the new employee, and finally moved to the States.

Even after that, everything went smoothly.  I got certified as a massage therapist and started working for a spa while I took the 2-year Craniosacral Therapy training.

I started my craniosacral business in 2008.

10 years since I took the trip to Grand Teton.  It seems a long time, but that 10 years was packed with excitement, fun, and valuable experiences.  Everything in my life was aligned with my goal, and being able to live that life gave me such a high.

This precious journey started with the powerful intention I set in Grand Teton, and my full commitment brought me here in the States.

To conclude,

If you have a goal even if it is a vague one, set a sincere intention to make it come true and commit yourself to it.  You will feel everything in your life start facing toward your goal very tangibly.  The more you commit, the more clearly you can sense the flow toward your goal.  You will know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

The key is to remember enjoying the process.  The fun gives you more motivation, focus, and refreshment.  It also gives you a healthy balance between commitment and detachment.

Over to you:-

Have you ever made a big transition in your life?  What was it like for you?  Please share your tips and experiences in the comment section.