Keiko’s Sacred Mandala

Sacred Mandala drawn with gel pens

My Inner Life Mandala

What is a mandala?:

The word, “mandala” means a “circle” representing the Universe, the wholeness, and our relationship to the infinity.

The benefits of a mandala:

  1. The symmetrical designs calm your brain wave.
  2. It evokes spiritual energy, meditation, and healing.
  3. Its higher vibration raises the frequency of your sacred space.
  4. Carl Jung used mandalas for his clients and for his own personal growth.  His studies revealed their creation allowed a deep healing to take place from within the human psyche.

Inner Life Mandala (personal mandalas)

I offer personal mandalas, “Inner Life Mandalas.”  Through meditating on the person who wants the mandala, the deep quality of his/her power and gifts and soul signatures come to me as shapes and colors, and I hand-draw them into a mandala with gel pens by using a technique called stippling (drawing with dots).

The higher vibration of Inner Life Mandala helps you connect with your deep qualities, heal from within, and restore your wholeness whenever you meditate with it.

Size for Inner Life Mandalas: W: 12″ x H: 12″

Media: Gel pens on acid-free artist quality black paper.

Price: $1,200.- (FREE shipping)

Shipping: USPS

How to order: Click the “Add to Cart” button below and complete the payment.  Then, we set up a skype call or phone call to get to know each other, build up some trust between us, and go over your intentions and/or goals for the mandala.

*Since this is a custom artwork, no return or refund will be available.


Testimonials on Inner Life Mandala: 

“As you know, your art has been a real inspiration for me and your series – Spiritual Heart, Quan Yin’s Healing and Into One’s Highest was especially comforting during an intensely difficult period beginning this year. But I was totally unprepared for what I received.

The complexity and depth of what was revealed through this personal mandala was a complete and total surprise.  I don’t know why it caught me so off guard, but I keep going back to meditate on the revelation, and it seems I receive something new from it every time.

I realize it’s going to take me some time to really unravel all that’s hidden here, but one thing I do know for sure – there is far more to my inner life, my divine self and the purpose for me being here than I ever thought possible !

Thank you, Keiko, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and your gift in helping us see the better part of ourselves. May you experience all the hope, desire and true intents of your heart is my prayer every day.” – by Stephen in CA, USA

“After I received my personal mandala, the speed that everything happens got faster with ease and grace.  Also, things have started to happen in synchronicity.  And they have helped me have revelations and realizations about my spiritual path.

Not only my lifestyle has started to change but my husband also changed.  Before, he didn’t believe in spiritual teachings very much, but after my mandala came to our house, he’s been so into his spiritual path.

Thank you so much, Keiko, for this beautiful mandala!  This will be my treasure for the rest of my life.” – by Tomoko in Japan

“When your box arrived with the mandala inside, something lifted.

I live a simple, frugal and meditative way of life at the moment, but one difficulty I have had is living in the harsh, real world, because I reckon I am mostly in a state of bliss or theta, and I have had a hard time coming down and grounding myself.  

So all of my life, I have had difficulty remaining relevant.  However, the energy came in that box with the mandala, and a certain dread of mixing with the hoi polloi and commonplace people has lifted, and that’s a curious thing. Blessings to you, Keiko.” – Peter in England

**Here is my experience on my own Inner Life Mandala.

Mandala Workshops

I offer mandala drawing workshops in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

You will learn some basic sacred geometry, how to draw mandalas, and how to use mandalas in order to align yourself with the higher vibration of sacred geometry in a mandala.  For more details, please go to this page, Mandala Workshops.

Guided Meditation Videos with Mandalas:

Like the free gift for my subscribers, I create guided meditation videos with my healing mandalas to help you heal, get through challenges, and uncover your true gifts and power.  More videos will be ready to be published, so stay tuned.


Lotus flower petals in rainbow colors

Quan Yin’s Healing Meditation” is now available FREE on YouTube.

Finished mandala, Forgiveness

Forgiveness Meditation” is now available FREE on YouTube.

mandala titled "Abundance"





Abundance Meditation” is now available FREE on YouTube.