Spiritual Coaching

When something bad happens to you, have you ever asked yourself, “Why does this keep happening to me?”

For instance, you always feel like you are stuck in survival mode.  You work more than 60 hours a week just to pay your rent and bills.  You have no extra energy or time to enjoy your life.

Or, you always end up in a relationship which reminds you of your family dynamic.

Or, you always feel like you let the others have their way and end up being patient without voicing your truth.

Or, you are so sensitive that it is hard for you to distinguish your own emotions and thoughts from others’.

We All Deserve a Happier Life!

Visualizing your happier self through spiritual coaching

These patterns that you experience from time to time were created in the past.  As soon as you started to nest in your mom’s womb, every experience that happened around you affected your personalities, behaviors, emotions, and thoughts.

Especially when you were little, you were so wide open and eager to learn that you absorbed everything around you, even things that were not about you.

Sometimes, even the experiences in your past lives affect your patterns in this lifetime.

So, what do you do to heal those patterns and start having a happier life?

You go deeper within to find the layers of experiences which formed your patterns.  What incident caused the patterns?  Whose words or behaviors did you believe in?  What were your reactions to them?  By figuring out the answers to those questions, you start to get a bigger picture of your patterns.

Once you understand the mechanism of the patterns, you accept them, forgive them, and transform them from fear based ones into love based ones.

The more you explore, the lighter, happier, and more powerful you become.  We all deserve that!

Coaching Sessions with Visualizations

If you are reading this page, you probably know all this and have deepened yourself a lot.  The thing is that you start with the most obvious pattern, and the more work you do, the sneakier the patterns become.

Also, healing your patterns don’t happen over a night.  It is a journey.  To make a safe journey, you need good tools and a good buddy.

I offer private coaching sessions with visualizations to help you go deeper within, allow your true voice to be expressed in a sacred way, and transform the patterns into Love.

During a session, I provide a safe and sacred space for you.  We assess your patterns through some Q&As.  Then, I guide you into a deeper meditative state and help you visualize that you release the old patterns and align yourself more with your truth – your divinity.

Why Visualization?

Our brain can’t tell apart what’s actually happening from your imaginations.  If you feel happier or blissful through a visualization, your brain reacts to it as if the visualization is an actual event and start creating happy hormones.  You immediately start feeling happier.

As you get happier, your reactions to things around you start to change.  Also, you start to feel more energetic and healthier.  Basically, you are raising the frequency of your energy.  You start to attract better opportunities, more abundance, more loving and healthier relationships, and more!

How to Make an Appointment

To make an appointment, please email me at Keiko@becomelifeartisan.com

$50 for a 30-min. phone session 

$100 for a 60-min. phone session

*Payment will be handled through Paypal.