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How to Keep Your Healthy Energetic Boundary

Healthy Energetic boundary

Have you ever had a pain in your body after talking to someone?  Or, have you ever experienced a severe exhaustion while doing your grocery shopping?  And have you ever wondered how to keep your healthy energetic boundary?

Our body emanates energy.  Our thoughts and emotions are energy.  When we feel sad or depressed, we are broadcasting its low vibration of energy.  When we are angry, the fiery, toxic energy fills our body, aura, and energy field.  Not only that, we all pick up all those other people’s energies all the time.

Recently, my lifestyle changed quite a bit from working with people one on one through healing to working with a lot of people in a very crowded, noisy space.  The training to become a healer taught me how to be still, listen, and accept whatever it is without judgment.  I really appreciate that training, and all the technique I learned are very useful when my client and I are in a peaceful, sacred, and safe space for healing.  I loved that slow-paced aspect of our life.

However, most of our daily life is filled with opposite aspects, doesn’t it?  We are living a very fast-paced life with lots of drama, stress, and power games.  By working in a crowded, noisy space, I’m now learning the importance of keeping my healthy energetic boundary.

Constant Energetic Tug of War

We forget that everything is energy.  Thoughts are energy.  Emotions are energy.  Even when we don’t say what we think in our head out loud, we are always broadcasting the energy of our thoughts and emotions.

This is my first time to work in a very fast-paced, noisy, and crowded environment, and I feel there is a constant energetic tug of war going on in the workplace.  There are happy energy, frustrating energy, depressed energy, “trying to control everything” energy…

The lower vibration of energy keeps attacking, dampening or dragging down the higher vibration.  When we are around or in that environment, we sometimes feel a sudden pain in our body like a headache and backache.  Or, we feel a sudden exhaustion even though we are having a great day.  Also, we feel a slight fogginess in our brain and make silly mistakes.

Since I experienced all of them over and over almost every day, I’ve started to pay attention how my energetic boundary has been doing and take a good care of my energy field and boundary.

Cleansing Your Energy Field

Once I started to pay more attention to my energy field and boundary, I began noticing something like bruises, stabbed wounds on the energy boundary, and some kind of shock in my field.  Sometimes, I feel my whole energy field contracted as well.  Whenever I find them, I cleanse my energy field.

Deep Breath

Taking a few nice breaths is always helpful.  It helps us bring our attention back into the core and ground ourselves.  One time, I felt my mind scattered all of a sudden, so I took just one nice deep breath.  Then, it cleared my head and helped me focus back on what I was doing.


If deep breathing doesn’t help, I always stretch my body.  Again, it helps us bring our attention to our body and gives us clarity.  Also, by moving the body, we can release someone else’s energy more easily.

Ask for help from Archangel Michael, and/or recite “The Prayer of Cleansing Other People’s Energy”

When neither of the above doesn’t work, I always ask Archangel Michael to cleanse my energy field.  You can ask your higher beings to help you purify your energy field.

Also, I recite this prayer called “Cleansing Other People’s Energy” several times a day.  I learned this prayer along with other powerful prayers in a book called “The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records” by Lisa Barnett (Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom).   When I recite it, my headache, backache, fogginess in my head, exhaustion were all gone in a few minutes.  It works like a charm.  Here is the prayer:

“Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please assist me in clearing and releasing all outside energies that are in my body, aura, and energy field.  Please send them back to the person from whom they came.  Or send them to the Divine Source to be recycled for the highest good of all.  I am filled with my purest energy and the highest vibration I can now hold.”

All of the prayers in Lisa’s books are so helpful.  They help you remember who you truly are and keep walking on your highest path.  So, check her website and books (her brand new book “From Questioning to Knowing).

Epsom Salt Bath

Taking a bath cleanses not only your physical body but the energy body as well.  Put a cup of epsom salt in the tub and soak yourself.  It helps your body relax and detox.

Steps to Keep Your Healthy Energetic Boundary

Energy attacks and energy drainage happen repetitively.  Also, some people spread their toxic energy by venting their emotions as their defense mechanism without noticing what they are doing energetically.  So, it is very important to fill up your energy field with your own highest energy after cleansing other people’s energy.  Just visualize that your energy field which looks like a golden egg filled with your highest soul energy.  That helps your boundary stay strong.

Once you fill up your energy field with your highest energy, make sure to anchor your spirit into your body and Mother Earth.  When your field gets crowded with other people’s energy, your spirit tends to float above your physical body.

Then, check your energy field whether or not it’s contracting.  When your energy field has other people’s energy, it tends to contract because it’s very uncomfortable to have someone else’s energy.  So, make sure to visualize it’s expanding as much as possible like a beautiful golden balloon.

If someone near you keeps intruding or attacking your energy field, you need to use a direct approach to show them a lesson.  You might need to talk to him or her directly, but calmly, about how you feel.  My spiritual teacher used to call it “Cruel Love.”

Also, here is a good reminder for all the light workers and healers.  You really need to know the difference between showing a right path and trying to save them.  When you try to save them, you take away their lessons, and your boundary becomes weak.  Keep your healthy boundary and allow them to learn their lessons.

Gratitude to My New Work Environment and New Training

My new work environment has been pretty intense and very different from what I was used to before.  Thanks to that, I’ve been learning a lot about how to take care of myself on all levels and the importance to be in your own true power so I can stay healthy and happy.  Every experience is an opportunity and training to evolve.  Also, it is a great opportunity to choose either I create My Heaven on Earth or I indulge in my old patterns, and I choose to create My Heaven on Earth.

"Creating My Heaven on Earth" mandala in progress

“Creating My Heaven on Earth” New mandala in progress.

Over to You:-

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